Grooming Services

We use only the highest quality of Shampoo and Conditioner, Nature's Specialities and Bark2Basics. We carry a variety of products, based on needs of most dogs, from super dirty to hypoallergenic, dry skin to allergy skin.
Our prices include ear cleaning and hair plucking if applicable, nails clipped and/or filed upon request and glands expressed if full.

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Pet Services

Dog & Cat Baths

We wash your pet 2 - 3 times with high quality products and hand dry , NO CAGE drying.
Pet Services

Dog Grooming

We groom your pet to  AKC Standards. If you have special wishes, of course we will accommodate you!
Pet Services

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is included in the grooming fee. We use ear cleaner with Aloe and Tea Tree oil.
Pet Services

Nail Trim

We will trim and/or file your pets nails upon request. Pads are trimmed and clipped.
Pet Services

Shedding Dogs

If dog sheds, we will de-shed them as much as is safe for their skin.
Pet Services


From basic baths to lion cuts - our groomers are highly qualified and experienced with cat grooming.

The Benefits of Mobile Grooming

No Down Time: No fussing with your dog or cat to get ready for a day at the groomer. The groomer comes to you!

No driving : With our home service, there is no need to drive your pet to the groomer. No need to find parking. No stress or car sickness for your pet.

Stress-Free Environment: We groom right outside your home, your pet gets our groomers full attention for the whole visit.

We do not use any crates, tranquilizers or any harmful chemicals.

Self-sufficient: We do not use your electricity or water. All our vehicles are completely self-contained and all vehicles have warm water.
Clean Vans: We clean our vans thoroughly between appointments. Your pet will never be exposed to other pets, which significantly decreases their exposure to diseases and parasites.

We groom all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. No breed discrimination.
Individual attention: All appointments include an individual consultation  where our groomer meets your pet. At that time we  will discuss all aspects of grooming from coat and skin, to personality,  to style! Our staff is professionally trained to groom to the breed standard as well as custom cuts.

A long term relationship: Our staff takes pride in caring for your pets!

Dog Gone Purrfect! is fully licensed & insured.

Our Service Guarantee